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  • 20+ People Whose Handwriting Is Just Too Perfect To Be True

    I never had a good handwriting, and to be honest it’s barely readable. I’m sure I’m not the one, and many of you perfectly understand the struggle. On the other hand, there are people whose handwriting is truly beautiful, in any situation. Whether they write some notes during a lecture, hand-wrote a restaurant’s menu or […]

  • 15+ Architecture-Inspired Tattoos That Will Make You Want To Get One

    Beautiful architecture is one of the main reasons why people love to visit places and travel the world. If you are lucky enough to visit famous landmarks around the world, stunning creations like the Tour Eiffel, the Empire State Building, the leaning Tower of Pisa will always be memories to carry inside of you. And […]

  • Artist Perfectly Illustrates The Daily Struggles Of Being A Woman

    Being a woman comes with many of life’s joys but quite a bit of its frustrations as well. And while there are as many types, shapes, and characters of women as there are colors of the rainbow, there are certain things that pretty much most, if not all, women relate to. Things like the hassle of […]

  • Illustrator Turns People And Their Pets Into Adorable Cartoon Characters

    If you are an anime fan, and you’ve always wanted to have a picture of you drawn in the signature anime style, American artist Robert DeJesus might just be the perfect answer to your wish. This extremely talented artist accepts submissions from people, and if your photo is inspiring enough, chances are he’ll draw a […]

  • Japanese Artist Tightly Rolls Newspapers To Craft Incredibly Accurate Animal Sculptures

    Japan-based Chie Hitotsuyama is an expert paper artist, specialized in creating intricate animal sculptures made only from newspaper rolls. Each creation goes through a process that involves delicately binding together rolled and twisted pieces of wet newspaper. Chie masterfully shapes them in careful consideration of colors, contours, and thickness to create realistic looking pieces animal […]

  • Artist Illustrates Everyday Life With His Wife, And We All Can Relate To It

    Israel-based artist and illustrator Yehuda Adi Devir recently went viral with his humorous illustrations about his daily life as a husband. People from around the world are loving Yehuda’s classic comic style, that paired with his own personal point of view about married gives life to some incredibly relatable and genuine illustrations about living with […]

  • Artist Creates Unique Tables That Look Like Animals Half-Submerged In Water

    Looking for a fun and creative piece of furniture to spruce up your space? Designer Derek Pearce’s Water Tables feature an animal as the base with its head seemingly poking out of the glass tabletop, which gives the illusion of water surface. Pearce’s creations showcase his unique and varied talents. He used to be a […]

  • 10 Funny Illustrations Reveal How Songs Are Actually Made

    Many people pride themselves in their taste for music with ridiculous superiority. Then there are the few who don’t take themselves, and their taste in music, too seriously who poke fun at the different genres with brutal honesty, amusing the rest of us. And that is exactly what Canadian illustrator John Atkinson did with his […]

  • 20 Arabic Words Illustrated According To Their Literal Meaning

    It’s a great thing to be artistic about expressing one’s mind through spoken words but it’s definitely another level of creativity to make art out of written words. We’re not talking about your regular word art; we are taking about Arabic words that are illustrated according to their literal meaning. We feel like it’s right […]

  • 12 Hilarious Times The Internet Taught Us How To Recognize Famous Painters

    There’s no place quite like the Internet to mock certain things other people would consider perfectly classy and cultured. Those expensive paintings that have their own security and people crowd over into museums to see? They’re made by world renowned artistsbut nope, they didn’t escape the fire. All is fair in love and war, as […]