Artist Paints Incredibly Detailed Miniature Animals That Are As Small As A Five-Cent Coin

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Irene Malakhova is a Russian artist popular for her miniature paintings, and our favorites are her animal series.
Malakhova describes herself as a “tiny artist”, referring to her kind of art. She recently released a compilation of her works inspired by “little living things” for her #tiny_creaturesdays series. Malakhova has been working on this project for a couple of years now and her works are incredibly cute. Mini watercolor paintings of monkeys, puppies, cats, birds, fishes, there’s even a mom and baby Panda! The paintings so tiny that they are just the size of a coin, yet the attention to details is remarkable. The fur, the feathers, the fins and even the facial expressions are life-like. Each part of each animal is skilfully drawn.
Aside from animals, Malakhova also draws food, landscapes, objects and just about anything that catches her attention and is worth painting. If you are interested in her art, you can grab one on Etsy as Malakhova recently opened a shop, the TinyWorldsLivingShop.
You can check out her Instagram for more of her work. She also created another series we love. It’s the #tiny_momdays series, featuring animal moms with their babies, and it’s just as cute as her other series of paintings.

A concept, an inspiration, some brushstrokes and lots of patience, then a masterpiece is born. These are paintings by Russian artist Irene Malakhova. Check out our favorite picks below.