Paw Print Art Is A Thing Now, And Here Is How You Can Make It At Home With Your Dog

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Spring is here, and we’ve found the perfect way to enjoy the season while we all continue to practice social distancing.

People are already using a variety of tactics to keep themselves sane while in quarantine; some focus on enjoying the company of their sweet pets, others take up new hobbies, particularly arts and crafts.

And this beautiful, floral project that you can easily do at home combines both pets and art which makes it a perfect pass-time!

People online have been sharing gorgeous paintings of flowers, and the twist is that that they’ve co-painted them with their dogs.

Well, sort of.

Turns out that by dipping your dog’s paw in (non-toxic!) water-based or tempera paint and pressing it against a paper, you can get some beautiful floral shapes.

Once you’ve got all the shapes stamped and ready, just wash your pup’s paw carefully and then grab a paint brush.

All you need to do to perfect the image is to take your brush and some paint and add a few details, such as stems and accents.

We are obsessed with how pretty all these paintings are turning out and we can’t wait to try it for ourselves.

Check out the gallery below and get ready to be inspired: