Dog Dad Spends 3 Hours Carving A “Dog-O’-Lantern” That Looks Exactly Like His Pomeranian

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There’s nothing a pair of puppy-dog eyes can’t make us do. Our little furbabies can melt our hearts with a single look and render us completely powerless to their charm. They constantly inspire us to express our love for them and share their cuteness with the rest of the world.

With Halloween fast approaching, dog-dad, veterinarian and designer Andy Manoloff has chosen a festive and creative way to show his love for Sophie the Pomeranian, and carved an intricate portrait of his darling Sophie into a pumpkin, creating the cutest Dog-o’-lantern of the season.

The process took a good three hours, and it was definitely worth it. Just see for yourselves.

Sophie and her pumpkin-twin make an adorable couple

Manoloff enjoys making elaborate pumpkin carvings and makes a new one every Halloween.

People are loving his carving of Sophie, and Manoloff has released a captivating time-lapse video showing his process.

Manoloff starts off by drawing Sophie directly on the pumpkin.

He uses a photograph of Sophie as reference.

He then uses an X-ACTO knife to do the carving. The trick is to vary the depth of the cuts to give the image a realistic look.

The deeper the cut, the more light shines through. By varying the depth of his cuts, Manoloff creates different shades and contrasts.

The finished lantern is a true work of art. Look at that fur!

Sophie isn’t the only cutie that’s been turned into a pumpkin. Manoloff’s pug Belle also got the pumpkin treatment. While Sophie’s portrait took about three hours, this impressive carving only took an hour and a half.

Andy Manoloff

Watch the video of Manoloff’s carving below: