Artist Draws A Hilarious Guide To Dog Breeds To Help You Choose Your Next Dog

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Other than being the know-it-all expert at the local dog show, being able to identify dog breeds does prove to be an advantage. Knowing different dog breeds helps you decide which furry friends are the perfect fit for you and your family. The American Kennel Club, a registry of purebred dog pedigrees in the United States, registers 190 dog breeds. You can attempt to learn these 190 dog breeds, but I bet you twenty dollars that your eyes will start to glaze over at the 20th dog breed. Thankfully, Grace Gogarty, better known as Little Tunny, made life easier for us all. She created a comprehensive yet hilarious comic guide that teaches us how to recognize some of the most popular dog breeds. If you like her creative and informative works of art, you can see more by visiting her Tumblr or her Instagram.
(h/t: cheezburger)

1. Husky

2. German Shepherd

3. Labradors

4. Yorkshire Terrier

5. Pug

6. Akita

7. Pitbull

8. Dobermann

9. Bernese

10. Golden Retriever

11. Border Collie

12. Rottweiler