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    24+ Cats Who Don’t Know The Meaning Of Personal Space

    Some people claim that cats are cold, aloof and don’t really care about us. That they see humans as nothing more than their personal servants. However, all cat parents know that this simply isn’t true. Sure, they do see us as their personal servants, but they’re also far more affectionate than people give them credit […] More

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    Adorable Two-Legged Kitten Hops Her Way Into Her Forever Home

    “Duck” is a little tabby kitten with a big personality and an even bigger zest for life. The unusual-looking kitten lost her front legs after a sustaining a terrible injury; she was found with both legs irreparably mangled and was rushed to a vet clinic where her legs had to be amputated in order to […] More

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    Cat’s Favorite Sleep Companion Is A Box Of Strawberries

    When cat-mom Carly Cox came home from the store one day, she was surprised to find her little furbaby showing an intense interest in her groceries. Soon, she discovered that it was a pack of strawberries that were singing their siren song in Remus’s ear. For some reason, the 10-year-old kitty seemed utterly fascinated by […] More

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    12 Of The Sleepiest Kittens Ever

    Sleeping kittens are one of the purest things you can ever find in life. Their little feet and legs limp with sleep, their tiny noses and ears fluttering as they dream, the soft rise and fall of their silky fur as they breathe slow, deep breaths, it’s all so heartbreakingly beautiful and wholesome. And because […] More

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    Kitten Found In A Field Cuddles Her Rescuers And Won’t Let Go

    When Chimera was just a tiny little kitten, she found herself in a scary and dangerous situation; she and her littermates were left all alone in a field without anyone to care for them. Luckily, a compassionate family came to their rescue and managed to get them into the loving arms of an animal rescuer […] More

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    19 Funny Photos Proving That Cats Are Basically Just Feline Penguins

    Cats are many things; they’re funny, sweet, mischievous, devious, goofy, and sophisticated. They contain multitudes, but one thing you may haven’t noticed about them is that they somehow are also… penguin-y? Okay, that isn’t a real word, but listen, just check these pictures out and you’ll see exactly what we mean. (h/t) 1. 2. 3. […] More

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