Jamie Brew and his team of writers at Botnik Studios just came out with their latest project, an AI-generated Harry Potter fanfiction entitled, The Portrait of What Looked Like a Large Pile of Ash. With the help of a predictive text program that’s been fed all 7 of the Harry Potter book series, a rather funny and weird version of the story was created. Unlike outputs of typical predictive text programs, this didn’t end up with a bunch of word salad, but with something that’s actually intelligible, in spite of the strange context that gives it a hilarious touch. Many have been fascinated by the excessive amount of plot twist in such a short chapter, and so many people on Twitter have been demanding for more. Scroll down to read the chapter and tell us what your favorite part is in the comments. Botnik Studios has quite a few more projects like this, so head on to their website for more.

This is the new spellbinding Harry Potter chapter created by Botnik Studios using trained predictive keyboards.

Everyone seems to love “BEEF WOMEN”, a password used by Hermione to unlock the door.

In the near end, Harry falls down the spiral case for the rest of the summer, and he began yelling some serious words that concluded this magical chapter.

Everyone is demanding for more!