Stray Mommy Cat Brings Her Kitten To The Hospital For Help, Medics Take Care Of Them

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A clever mama cat brought her tiny little kitten to a hospital in Istanbul and immediately won everyone’s hearts.

When the stray cat unexpectedly hurried into the emergency room with the kitten in her mouth, staff were quick to rush to her aid.

They initially believed that the little kitten might be ill, and so they set out to help the mama and her baby.

Merve Özcan

Merve Özcan captured a few pictures of the kitten and her caring mother and posted the pictures to Twitter.

Özcan wrote: “Today we were in the emergency of the hospital when a cat rushed in with her kitten in her mouth.”

Merve Özcan

The hospital staff gave the little kitten a check-up and gave the concerned mother something to eat and drink while she waited for the check-up to finish.

Merve Özcan

The medics couldn’t find anything wrong with the kitten, and the mother also appeared to be perfectly healthy.

But just to be safe, they made sure to have both the mom and the kitten examined by a vet, too.

Merve Özcan

It seems like the mama cat just wanted to bring her young kitten somewhere safe, and she knew that she was sure to find friendly and compassionate people at the hospital.

Merve Özcan

Turkish people are known for their love of cats and the love and compassion they show strays.

On the streets of Istanbul, it’s very common to see bowls of food and water that’s been left out for the stray cats living in the city.

The mama probably just wanted some affection, food and attention, and knew that the people at the hospital would be more than happy to give her and her new baby some love and care.

Merve Özcan

And, she was probably excited to show off her beautiful little kitten and have people admire the perfect little life she’d created.

If so, she certainly got her wish:

Now, people from all over the world are swooning over her and her sweet kitten.