Heartbroken Seven-Year-Old Kid Draws ‘Wanted’ Poster To Help Find His Stolen Dog

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Nobody should ever have to worry about losing their family member as a result of a crime.

Especially not a child.

But unfortunately, seven-year-old Camron was left scared and heartbroken after uncaring thieves kidnapped a member of his family; the family’s sweet Boston terrier pup, Ralph.

Ralph and Camron share a very deep bond and the two even share a bedroom; Camron sleeps on the top bunk of the bunk bed in his room, and Ralph usually sleeps on the bottom bunk.

The whole family loves Ralph dearly, and naturally, everyone was completely devastated when the four-year-old pup was kidnapped outside a house in Bredbury, Stockport, UK.

Stacey Donaldson

Ralph had come to work with Camron’s dad, Craig, because Ralph struggles with anxiety, and does not enjoy being left at home for long stretches of time.

To make him feel safe, Ralph usually gets to spend his days with Craig who runs a gardening business.

But while waiting for Craig to unload his van one day, Ralph was suddenly snatched from the work-van and taken away.

In addition to his anxiety, Ralph also suffers from a life-threatening illness which needs to be managed with medication.

The family was naturally very scared and concerned about his well-being, not only because they did not know what the kidnappers intended to do with him, but also because he did not have access to his medication.

Camron was completely heartbroken and could not sleep after Ralph was taken.

Instead, he spent hours crying in bed.

Stacey Donaldson

But even though he was devastated, Camron hadn’t lost all hope. He was determined to do his best to get Ralph back again.

Camron drew a heartbreaking “wanted” poster which featured a drawing of Ralph as well as a drawing of himself, crying.

On the poster, he wrote: “He is cute and fluffy and is very gorgeous. He knew us as much as we knew him. We miss him so much, we just want him home.”

Stacey Donaldson

His parent’s announced that they were offering a 1000£ reward for Ralph’s safe return, and urged the community to help them find him.

Camron’s family, friends and other volunteers handed out countless flyers in the hopes of getting Ralph back.

After several days passed without any news, Camron and his family were beginning to lose hope.

But then, just as everything seemed lost, they got word that Ralph had been found in Salford.

Stacey Donaldson

Camron was overjoyed to be reunited with Ralph, and Ralph was excited to finally see his family again.

However, the poor pup was a little bit nervous and jumpy and appeared to have not been fed in several days.

The poor state of his claws also suggested that he’d been frantically trying to claw himself out of a locked space.

Stacey Donaldson

But now, Ralph and his family can put the terrible ordeal behind them.

Ralph is recovering at home and is happy to finally be safe and comfortable.

And Camron can finally sleep peacefully, knowing that Ralph is right where he belongs.

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