24 Brilliant Dad Hacks That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

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17. Create a makeshift hammock by tying a large sheet around a table:

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18. Use an electric fan to puff up a fort:

19. Hit two birds with one stone by giving your kids unhooked controllers for both bonding AND undisturbed game time:

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20. Use daddy’s tummy as prop to keep baby stil during photo shoots:

21. Keep track of your child’s growth by putting his or her graduation year on a shirt and taking a picture every year!

22. Keep your walls and furniture clean by unleashing your child’s creativity out on an empty box:

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23. Comfort your little one even when you’re dead tired by filling a glove with beans and laying it on his or her back as he or she sleeps

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24. Keep your enthusiastic helper busy by letting him paint the fence with water:

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