24 Brilliant Dad Hacks That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

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Most parents are all too familiar with rushed mornings and dreaded school runs. Most days feel like an olympic race against time, and the odds are never in our favor. We get used to wearing that morning’s breakfast on our clothes, jamming our purses with knick knacks that might help with the baby, or worrying about just every detail about our kids. Parents are programmed to think about all the itty bitty details, but any individual’s creativity has a limit. That’s why these genius solutions to everyday parenting challenges are the ultimate lifesavers! From beach day tips to troubleshooting toy-related disasters, these hacks will definitely make your day whether you’re a parent or not.
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1. Great way to keep the kids from biting each other’s heads off is by putting a cardboard between their carseats:

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2. Teach your kids time management by coloring in portions of the clock to coincide with a colored list of their activities:

3. Upcycle an old cot into a craft table for the little ones:

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4. Teach your kids to put on shoes on the right feet by putting stickers:

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5. Use an inverted coffee cup to keep ice cream from dripping into those little hands! This will definitely save a lot of clothes from stains:

6. Save your walls and use an empty frame with a roll of butcher paper to serve as an endless wall drawing area:

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7. Teach your kids to fight off the monsters at night with this spray. Not only will it help develop courage, it might also give you a bit more sleep. *wink*

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8. Keep track of your kid’s medication: