20 Unbelievable Pictures Proving That We Are Already Living In The Future

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11. Robotic spoons designed to aid people with disabilities:

Self-leveling robotic spoon for people with disabilities

12. A full face transplant is now possible:

Pat Hardison, face transplant recipient

13. And memory cards are getting smaller yet more powerful:

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14. Wheelchairs are taking a step up, literally:

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15. And jetpacks aren’t just seen in the movies anymore:

Real-Life Jetpack

16. If that didn’t blow your mind, this sliding glass TV will:

The future is here.

17. When it seems just like yesterday but the original iPod is now in a museum:

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18. And the N64 is right in the next glass display:

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19. When Rowling’s magic world is now our reality:

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20. And cameras can capture even the most minute detail:

Highest resolution picture in the world 365 Gigapixels

21. Dads can now apparently send messages with lasers:

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22. And kids ar learning about 9/11 in schools as a HISTORICAL event:

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23. Whilst carrying around all of these things in a single handheld phone:

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