20 Unbelievable Pictures Proving That We Are Already Living In The Future

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People have been dreaming about flying cars and holograms for years, dreaming about the future. Not many of us realize that with our little smartphones and nifty 3D printers, the future is already here. Technology has advanced rapidly in the last ten years and we’ve seen many wonders happen. From medical technology achievements to explorations in the outer space, the human race is evidently far from the humble beginnings of the Industrial Revolution back in the eighteenth century. Not quite convinced? Here are a few proofs that will show you just how far we’ve gone.
(h/t: buzzfeed)

1. Quick note-taking with a digital highlighter:

via: scanmarker.com

2. Rechargeable body parts:

via: twitter.com

3. A camera for an eye, anyone?

via: themetapicture.com

4. Augmented reality games that will blow your mind:

Augmented Wall Climbing Pong!

5. Smart glass door that becomes opaque when you lock it:

via: tenor.co

6. 3D printing:

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7. The world’s first tattoo gun for an arm:

World’s first tattoo-gun prosthesis

8. Advanced prosthetics can now be controlled by the mind like a real arm:

via: newatlas.com

9. MicroSD storage is now 1,000 times bigger than 10 years ago:

via: twitter.com

10. Real time language translation is now possible: