Man Builds A Miniature Restaurant For The Tiny Animals That Visit His Yard

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While some people have been entertaining themselves by building adorable miniature picnic tables for the squirrels in their yard, James Vreeland has decided to take it one step further; he’s created a full-blown miniature restaurant.

Vreeland is a true animal lover and has always made sure to keep the local critters well-fed by putting out feeders for all the little birds and squirrels around his yard.

But after Vreeland, like the rest of us, had to adjust to the new reality of self-isolation, he decided to take it to the next level.


Vreeland got to work and crafted a beautiful little fenced in, open-air restaurant with tiny benches, a Maitre D’ station, a menu, a wardrobe station, and even some classy art in the form of some carefully selected squirrel statues.


He gave the restaurant a fancy french name, “Maison du Noix”,  which translates to the “The Nut House” and gives some indication as to what is on the menu.

Veerland offers his guests a selection of seeds, stale bread and/or crust, raw peanuts in the shell, and delicious counter softened apples.


Soon after the restaurant opened, the quests started pouring in and it became very clear that the restaurant was going to be a success.

The adorable clientele was very pleased with the new establishment and found the carefully cultivated menu utterly delicious.


Maison du Noix is the hottest new squirrel restaurant in town, and in the local squirrel community,  anyone who’s anyone will be sure to give it a visit.

Watch the high-class establishment’s promo video and prepare to be dazzled:


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