People Are Building Adorably Tiny Picnic Tables For Squirrels So They Can Eat In Their Yards Whenever They Want

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An adorable new trend has taken Twitter by storm: picnic tables for squirrels!

Putting up squirrel feeders is a great way to attract little squirrels and give you something cute and interesting to look at.

Squirrel feeders are also great if you find that naughty squirrels are helping themselves to the food in your bird feeder and leaving nothing for the birds; by giving them their own little feeder filled with nuts and seeds you can make sure that everyone gets the food they need.

And if you’re planning on putting up a squirrel feeder: why not make it as cute as possible?

The current pandemic is keeping a lot of us at home, so this is the perfect time to get a little bit creative and enhance our homes.

And these crafty Twitter users have been busy building adorable little picnic tables for the squirrels in their yards:

This is such a cute and clever idea.


And tons of people are jumping on this adorable trend!


Nuts and seeds make excellent squirrel chow.


And the squirrels look extra cute sitting by their little picnic tables.


We might as well do something fun during self-isolation.


Perhaps we’ll end up with squirrel mansions before this is over…


We might end up raising some very spoiled and demanding squirrels…

But let’s be honest: it’ll be worth it. They’re just so cute!