24 Times Chrissy Teigen’s Twitter Comebacks Were So Good They Sent People To The Burn Unit

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The internet could be one of the vilest places in the world as it becomes an avenue for haters, trolls, and miserable people who yearn to speak their minds of negativity and inconsideration. With that in mind, we know we have to deal its downsides one way or another, and lucky us, we have Chrissy Teigen to show us how to do it properly. She’s known for her blatant attacks to people who are over-the-top shaming her, and her comebacks are a glimmer of hope for us in the midst of social media chaos. Be her guest as she shows you how she slays, roasts and burns those who deserve her wrath through the following tweets.

1. When she slayed a troll.

2. When she revealed how Forever 21 fired her for being fat.

3. When she tried to help Trump.

4. When she explained “covfefe” for everyone.

5. When she had to explain a joke.

6. When she unveiled her deepest thoughts.

7. When she knew someone needed attention.

8. When she reacted to comments.