22 Incredibly Useful Websites You Needed But Didn’t Know Existed

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12. Date to date calculator

Simply calculates the timespan between a date and another. Start here.

13. Sleepyti.me

Follow the correct sleep cycles with the help of this website. Try it here.

14. Word Frequency Counter

Find out if you overused a particular word in your writing. Start here.

15. Fliptext

It flips any text you want, making it ready to be copied and pasted on socials. Check it out here.

16. Strip Creator

Create your personal comic stripe. Click here.

17. Mailbox Locator

Where is the nearest USPS mailbox to you? Find out here.

18. CamelCamelCamel

It tracks the price of every object of your Amazon wish list and alerts you when the price drops. Here it is.

19. Adobe Kuler

Directly from Adobe, the smartest way to find the best color combinations. Click here.

20. Online Etymology Dictionary

Find the origin of any word. Start here.

21. The Rasterbator

Make a wall art out of any image. Try it here.

22. Copy Paste Character

The easiest way to copy and paste particular characters and emojis on the web. Here it is.
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