22 Incredibly Useful Websites You Needed But Didn’t Know Existed

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The Internet changed the way we live, it made our daily task easier and thanks to it we can do things we didn’t think could be possible just a few years ago.
Despite all the hours we spend browsing the web daily, there are so many useful websites we still don’t know about.
This simple list is the container of some of the most useful websites you probably didn’t know existed.
There’s something for all tastes.
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1. 10 Minute Mail

If you need a disposable email, this site provides you a temporary address that will self destruct in 10 minutes. Try it here.

2. Scale of the Universe

Interactively explore from the tiniest existing particle to the biggest cluster lost in the outer space. So amazing. Click here.

3. Mathway

This site solves every kind of math problem in the blink of an eye. Don’t use it for cheating at school! Here it is.

4. Fake Name Generator

A funny random generator of fake identities. Take a look here.

5. OneLook Reverse Dictionary

OneLook’s reverse dictionary lets you describe a concept and get back a list of words and phrases related to it. The best choice when you can’t find a particular word. Try it here.

6. What The Font

If you need to know the font of basically everything. Just take a picture and upload it. Start here.

7. Skyscanner

The best choice when you want to find a flight to somewhere and need the results sorted by price and date. Simply and funny. Check it out here.

8. Down for everyone or just me?

Have you ever found a site offline and wondered if it was unavailable for everyone or just for you? This site is the answer. Visit it here.

9. Two Foods

The fastest food comparison site out there. Try it here.

10. Account Killer

Sometimes closing a social media account can be a pain in the neck. Account killer is what you need to close any social media account you want, not just disabling it. Go here.

11. Screenr

The easiest way to make screencasts directly from the web. Here it is.