19 Powerful Social Ads That Will Make You Look Twice

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11. Don’t text and drive:

via: almaad.com

12. Mother nature struggling to survive:

via: boxcomunicacao.com.br

13. Showing why it is important to have PWD friendly infrastructure:

via: facebook.com

14. End world hunger (take a closer look to the dish decorations):

via: cheil.com

15. Children spend less time outdoors than a prison inmate.

via: mullenlowelondon.com

16. It’s not fur, it’s someone’s mother.

via: yr.com

17. Romanian ad on proper waste disposal:

via: friends-tbwa.ro

18. 700 million people will become homeless due to floods if we don’t stop deforestating:

via: dentsu.co.sg

19. WWF – Save ’em all:

via: worldwildlife.org