19 Powerful Social Ads That Will Make You Look Twice

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Media is a very powerful tool to raise awareness. Many issues and social problems in the world today would go unheard, if it wasn’t for creative social advertisements that grab people’s attention. We don’t like to talk about it, we don’t like hearing about it in the news, but there are things we need to know and do something about. From physical violence to environmental crises, current events and global concerns are our own problems as well. With all the noise that bombard us daily, we don’t get to pay enough attention to these very real issues. When words fail, a single poster can make a difference.
(h/t: brightside)

1. Stop war. Bring back our children:

via: sva.edu

2. What reality looks like in the developing world caught in a selfie:

via: brightside.me

3. One of the many dangers of smoking:

via: logoaday.co

4. Give life:

via: blackninja.com.br

5. Campaign to promote organ transplant in China:

via: secondlife.toys

6. Striking call-to-action against child labor:

via: agenciaum.com.br

7. We work for a world where this picture doesn’t have another meaning:

via: ogilvy.com

8. Breaking the taboo on child autism:

via: treehouseschool.org.uk

9. If violence tags you, you know it whom to share

via: youngnetworkgroup.com

10. Loneliness of the elderly:

via: superdream.co.uk