Young Boy Goes To The Shelter And Picks The Oldest Dog As His New Best Friend

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Senior shelter pups often have a hard time getting adopted.

Most people are more interested in young dogs and puppies and as a result, many amazingly affectionate and loving seniors get overlooked.

One such pup is Shey, a 14-year-old, deaf, half-blind and mostly toothless miniature poodle.

Shey ended up at Animal Rescue League of Iowa after his family decided not to bring him with him when they moved, and for several months, the poor pup waited and waited for a new family to adopt him.

Animal Rescue Leauge of Iowa

When Shey was dropped off at the shelter, the little poodle was in bad shape.

In addition to being deaf and half-blind, Shey was suffering from a dental disease which had gone untreated for far too long.

All but one of his teeth were completely rotten and had to be removed.

Old, disabled and now toothless, Shay’s chances of getting adopted seemed slim.

Animal Rescue Leauge of Iowa

For four months, the little senior watched as pup after pup found their perfect home, while he was overlooked time and time again.

He had so much love to give. He just needed someone to give him a chance.

And then, one day, a young boy entered the shelter.

Animal Rescue Leauge of Iowa

Tristan visited the shelter together with his mother,and the pair was on the lookout for a small dog to adopt and love.

The shelter staff instantly realised that Shey would be perfect for them, and eagerly introduced Tristan to Shey.

Heather Reese

As soon as Shey and Tristan locked eyes, it was clear that they were meant to be a family.

“Shey was very comfortable with Tristan from the beginning,” a representative of the shelter told The Dodo.

Shey instantly trusted Tristan, and Tristan lit up with joy as he petted the sweet little poodle.

When Tristan was informed about Shey’s special needs, the young boy wasn’t discouraged.

He very maturely listened to everything he needed to know and made it clear that he was ready to do anything to make Shey happy and comfortable.

Animal Rescue Leauge of Iowa

Tristan made sure to ask as many questions as possible in order to be able to care for Shey in the best way, and he made careful note of future vet appointments he’d have to make for Shey.

While some people would see Shey as damaged goods or “too much work”, Tristan simply saw him for who he is: a wonderful, loving little pup in need of love.

Heather Reese

Now, Shey has a family who loves him for the sweet pup he is, and he’ll never have to go through being abandoned ever again.

Tristan is showering the pup with love and affection and is making sure that all of Shey’s needs are met.

Shey is lucky to have found such a wonderful family, and now the little pup can wake up feeling happy and safe every day of his life.

This young boy’s maturity and compassion is an inspiration to us all.