What you can do with this 3D pen is mind-blowing. I had no idea this was even possible… WHOA!

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Sometimes it looks like everything has already been invented, that there is no more space for creativity and new amazing products, but every now and then we have to change our mind, and happily welcome a new breakthrough idea.

This is the case of LIX, the world’s smallest 3D pen. Yes you got it right, a pen that literally lets you draw in the air.
Truth be told, the guys at LIX didn’t invent “the” 3D pen, rather they “re-invented” it. I bet that most of you have never heard before of these 3D pens, the reason is simple, they were big and uncomfortable to use, and often their price was just too high.
What is special about LIX is that it is almost as small as a regular pen, opening a thousand new possibilities for creatives all around the world.

LIX’s creators have just launched a Kickstarter campaign here, and according to their timeline shippings are supposed to begin in September.

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Lix is the world’s smallest 3D pen


Just load a plastic wire into it…


… and plug it into a traditional USB port


Lix will melt the plastic…


… that you can use to draw in the air, without the need of paper!


Plastic will solidify in a blink of an eye. Here are a couple of things you can do:


Believe it or not, this was entirely created with lix!


This is Lix’s presentation video


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