World’s largest film camera produces 6 ft long negatives

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Award winning photographer Dennis Manarchy designed the world largest film camera, a 35 ft long camera capable of producing 6 ft long negatives and 24 ft high high resolution prints.

Dennis claims this camera can produce images with over 1.000 times more the detail than the best digital cameras on the market today.

This unbelievable device will make a 20.000 miles journey across the US to document its diverse cultural heritages, in a project called ‘Butterflies & Buffalo’.

“We have the ability to make a print that is two-stories tall, with detail that no one’s ever seen before. The crystal and the clarity of these things in these super large forms takes these people and gives them a certain level of dignity, but also puts it on an epic scale. You look into their eyes and you can feel something, and people look special. It’s a story that no one’s heard before.”  Dennis says.

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