Woman Wakes Up To Find A Random Cat Lying In Her Bed Like It’s No Big Deal

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Waking up next to an adorable cat is one of life’s sweetest pleasures.

At least when you have a cat. And when the cat you wake up next to is, in fact, that cat.

Otherwise, it is more like life’s hilarious prank. Just ask Jacey Jonnson, who was both amused and confused to wake up only to find a strange kitty gazing at her.

Jacey Jonnson

Jonnson, who lives in Canterbury, UK, is mom to one precious kitty and foster mom to two more.

Two of the cats are black and white, so when she woke up one morning to find a black and white cat in her bed, she groggily assumed it was one of them.

Jacey Jonnson

But after shaking off the last remnants of sleep, she realized that the little feline next to her was not one of her cats.

It was a little stranger who had snuck in and made himself at home in her bed.

Jacey Jonnson

Jonnson was understandably shocked by waking up next to a strange cat.

Meanwhile, the little cat was lying with his head on a pillow and casually gazing at her as if it was the most natural thing in the world for him to be there.

Claire Tucker

At first, Jonnson was utterly confused as to who the little cat was and where he’d come from, but she soon realized that she recognized him from somewhere.

She remembered that she’d seen him hanging around her apartment building several times.


The little cat, who Jonnson nicknamed “Flearoy” but is actually called “Felix”, had visited several of her neighbours and invited himself into their homes.

He was clearly a very social and curious little cat.


After solving the mystery, Jonnson brought the cat outside.

However, Felix kept coming back inside using the cat flap. He was in no rush to get back home just yet.


Jonnson then took to Facebook in the hopes of finding his owner, and her post has since been shared, liked, and commented on hundreds of times.

People are absolutely delighted by the funny situation and have gotten a good laugh out of it.


And the post did also reach Felix’s owners, who came and collected their adventurous kitty.

According to his family, both he and his brother are quite the little wanderers and they’re often heading out on long and exciting treks.


While waiting for his family to pick him up, Felix made himself at home in Jonnson’s house and even helped himself to some water from the toilet.

Felix is not the first random cat to have popped up in Jonnson’s home; once she had up to six cats sneak in through the cat flap in one day.


Jonnson says that cats often tend to sneak in when it is raining and that she might have to upgrade her cat flap to a microchip sensitive one.

That does sound like a smart idea, but on the other hand, we’d love to hear some more hilarious stories like this one.


Felix is now safe and sound at home, but we’re sure he’ll be out on new, crazy adventures before we know it.

For those of us who have fallen in love with the little rascal, his family has set up an Instagram for him where we can get all de adorable Felix-content we could ever ask for.