Woman Ties 3-Month-Old Puppy’s Snout For Days Because The Dog “Kept Whining”

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Owner Alexis Callen posted a photo of her Labrador-German-Shepherd mix, Shadow, on her Facebook, trying to re-home the puppy. The three-month-old puppy had been injured, and her snout wounded.

According to what Callen wrote, she wanted to rehome Shadow because she didn’t have the means to take care of Shadow medically. Her post got significant attention online, likely due to Shadow’s state.

At the time, Shadow was obviously in pain, and she couldn’t eat or drink properly. Luckily, help arrived immediately. The Cottonwood Animal Hospital stepped in to treat the dog.

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According to the vet, Shadow’s injury was deep enough for them to gather that her snout had been tied with a hair tie or rubber band for about two weeks. Further, Shadow would need to undergo emergency reconstructive surgery that costs up to $2,000. Fortunately, many dog lovers donated so that Callen could pay for Shadow’s surgery.

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While Shadow was being treated, investigations occurred as to how the poor puppy ended up with an injured snout. According to Callen’s story, she left Shadow in someone else’s care because she had to visit her family urgently. She claimed that when she returned, Shadow was injured, and her snout was tied shut and swollen.

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Eventually, Callen was arrested, and she admitted to abusing Shadow. She stated that she was annoyed when Shadow whined, so she tied her mouth shut for two days. Currently, Callen is being taken into custody by the Murray Animal Control Officers on felony animal abuse charges.

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Meanwhile, Shadow is facing her situation bravely. Also, she has frequently been going to the vet to be checked and monitored regularly. Today, many people continue to donate for her surgery.

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According to Celestial Zoo, the non-profit organization fundraising for Shadow’s treatment, Shadow finally underwent surgery at the Blue Pearl Pet Hospital.

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Now, Shadow will have to slow down in the weeks after her surgery. However, the vet is hopeful that she will heal and fully recover over the next months.

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