Woman Leaves Dog With Her Dad, They Send Her The Funniest Texts

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The closest thing to having a kid is getting a pet, that’s a matter of fact.
When Meghan Specksgoor rejected her dad’s request for a grandchild and made it clear that all she’s giving him for now are grandpups, he was far from happy, but things changed pretty quickly. Even though her dad’s dreams of getting a grandchild is far from becoming a reality, Chance, Meghan’s 4-year-old dog, seems to perfectly fill in the spot. When Meghan had to go to New York City, she had to leave Chance behind in Midlothian, Virginia, under her dad’s care. While Meghan was away, his dad was busy being the coolest grandpa ever, spoiling, and treating Chance to anything he’d like. In the middle of their fun day, they kept Meghan updated with hilarious texts and photos about their activities, and it looks like granddad really has a knack for taking care of his grandpup. Needless to say, when Meghan shared their conversation on Twitter, it was so wholesome it went instantly viral.
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Meghan Speckgoor’s dad has been asking her for a grandchild but all she could give him for now is a grandpup named Chance.

When Meghan had a trip to NYC, she left Chance with her dad, and the two had the best time of their lives.

Meghan’s dad showed off how good he is at being a grandpa, and Chance is totally digging it.

Chance may be a spoiled grandpup, but that’s how it should be when you have the best grandpa ever.

A picnic, a trip to the nail salon, and an ice cream treat, these are all the ingredients to Chance’s best day ever.

Chance is definitely one lucky grandpup.

And the internet just can’t help but appreciate such a sweet bond.

This beautiful story has been making the internet’s day and they think that grandpa needs are a few more grandpups.