Woman Gets Her Horse Away From California Wildfire In The Backseat Of Her Own Car

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When the California wildfires forced Lauren Mesaros to evacuate her home in Northern California, she immediately ran into trouble.

She had three horses that needed to be evacuated, but the trailer she’d managed to borrow from a friend could only fit two.

With fires raging less than a mile away, Mesaros knew that she couldn’t waste any time, but she wasn’t about to leave a man behind.

Cindy Lundin Mesaros

So, Mesaros decided to get creative; with the help of her friend Carol Spears she loaded her pony Stardust into the backseat of her Honda Accord.

Stardust was lured into the backseat with the help of a yummy carrot and did not seem to mind her travel arrangements.

Mesaros’s sister, Cindy Lundin Mesaros, captured the unusual sight on camera.

Cindy Lundin Mesaros

Luckily for Mesaros and her horses, their home was largely spared of any fire damage, and people online appreciated her love for animals

The car will forever bear the marks of Stardust’s trip, but that’s a small price to pay for the safety of that beautiful girl.