Woman Finds This Colorful Bug In Her Garden, And It’s Almost Too Beautiful To Be Real

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Margaret Neville was amazed by her sight when she saw a beautiful creature during a stroll through her farm in South Africa. Seemingly, she was enjoying the view of her garden one morning when a pretty bug caught her eye.

The insect resembled art, almost as if it was a figurine you could use to decorate your house. Its body had small flower-like parts sprouting on its sides, and its wings had green and white swirls.

As this isn’t a type of insect you see every day, Neville was thrilled to see it in her garden. Later, she found out that this creature is a “flower mantis” – a type of praying mantis.

Flower mantises are usually white. However, they can change their color to purple and pink to blend in with the flowers.

This survival instinct helps flower mantises to attract their prey and to protect themselves from predators. Neville was so fascinated with this mantis that she named it “Miss Frilly Pants” before returning it to her lavender bush. Also, she decided to share photos as well as a video of Miss Frilly Pants online.

Netizens were also fascinated with Miss Frilly Pants, and they wanted updates on how the mantis was doing. According to Neville, Miss Frilly Pants stayed in her garden all September and even had the chance to reproduce!

Check out Neville’s video of Miss Frilly Pants here: