Loving Dad Takes Adorable Photos Of His Son With Down Syndrome Flying And Melts Everybody’s Hearts

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Alan Lawrence is an incredibly inspiring dad from Utah. He is father of 5 kids, one of whom, William, has Down syndrome.

When the Lawrence family learned that Wil, who is only 1 year old and is the youngest of the family, had Down syndrome, they did what almost everybody does these days, they went on the internet to learn some more info about it.
The informations found were discouraging, with only a few people sharing their positive experiences.
From that day the Lawrence family learned day by day that despite the syndrome, Wil was an incredible blessing for their family.

Alan soon started a blog to share the family’s experience with Down syndrome, and began publishing photoshopped pictures of Wil doing his daily activities in a very special way: flying.
It all began when Wil was learning to crawl and the family joked about the fact it looked like he was trying to fly.

Now Wil flies for real, at least in these adorable pictures, with dad Alan hoping they will one day inspire his kid to overcome the daily challenges he will have to face growing up.

Alan has started a Kickstarter project not long ago, it’s called “Bringing the light”, and aims to inspire and support the families that have to struggle against Down syndrome on a daily basis.
Support Alan’s project here.

If you want to know more about Wil, Alan and their adventures, take a look at their site thatdadblog.com, their Facebook and Instagram pages. (h/t)

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