While Their Kids Were Asleep, These Parents Pulled Off The Best Prank Ever!

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In the age of iPads and Netflix, these parents didn’t want their kids to lose their sense of wonder and imagination, so they pulled off the most amazing of pranks!

Every year in the month of November they try to convince their children that while they’re asleep their plastic dinosaur figures come to life.
They do that because in the age of “everything” and “now” they just want their kids to experience a little mystery.

The first time it wasn’t too elaborated, The kids woke up to discover that the dinosaurs ate cereals and made a mess on the kitchen table.


The morning after, the dinosaurs made it to the fruit bowl.



The third morning things started to become serious: the dinos managed to open the refrigerator and crashed some eggs on the floor…



…at this point the parents heard the kids whispering: “Uh-oh… Mom and Dad aren’t going to like this!”


From that moment on, Dinos got more and more creative every night.


But also tried to clean things up every now and then.



After all they are toys, and just wanted to have a good time.


Raising children should be an everyday fun. Sure it’s not always easy and there are ups and downs, but sometimes all it takes is some energy and creativity to make your kids’ childhood a little more magic.
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