When make-up becomes optical illusion. Mind blowing face painting by Russian artists

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When three talented artist with three different skill sets join and work together the result can be only magical and that’s exactly what happened when photographer Alexander Khoklov, retoucher Veronica Ershova and make up artist Valerya Kutsan teamed up to create the Art of faces series.

They worked together to create this body of work capturing subjects as a surreal version of themselves and making their faces look like two dimensional images. According to Alexander “Valeriya used different techniques of face painting so you can see a lot of variations – from sketch and graphic arts to water-colour and oil-paintings. This is a combination of interesting make-ups, studio photography experiments and careful retouching.”

In the following images you can see some of the images that are part of the series, some of them are directly inspired by pop art, some other by paintings, popular posters or even by the popular Angry Birds game.

If you want to see more of Alexander Khokhlov here’s his site: alexanderkhokhlov.com.

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