What if brands had a honest slogan?

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Logos and relative payoffs are a crucial part of branding. These symbols contain the soul and the essence of companies, that through slogans explain their philosophy.
But as we all know, companies often “lie”, communicating a message slightly different from reality.
What’d happen if companies used payoff that actually reflects reality?
The blog Honest Slogans is a fun container of all these honest pieces of marketing, and some of them are totally hilarious. We collected the ones that we considered as the most interesting in the following list. As usual, if you have any idea about a honest slogan, write it in the comments!

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honest-slogan25 honest-slogan24
honest-slogan6 honest-slogan26
honest-slogan4 honest-slogan28
honest-slogan11 honest-slogan13
honest-slogan10 honest-slogan8
honest-slogan7 honest-slogan15
honest-slogan29 honest-slogan27 honest-slogan23
honest-slogan22 honest-slogan16 honest-slogan17
honest-slogan19 honest-slogan18 honest-slogan21
honest-slogan20 honest-slogan12 honest-slogan9
honest-slogan5 honest-slogan3 honest-slogan2
honest-slogan1 honest-slogan14 Do you have any brilliant honest slogan? Write it in the comments! question-mark

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