Photographer transforms ordinary people in epic athletes using perfect lighting and a rain machine

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Have you ever desired to look super-fit and super-athletic, but never had the time (and will) to spend hours training hard at the local gym?

Professional photographer Benjamin Von Wong may have found the perfect solution for you.
For a recent gig commissioned by SmugMug, Benjamin used ordinary people as subjects and with the help of $20,000 worth of lighting equipment and a rain machine he managed to make possible the impossible, depicting these normal people as epic, over the top athletes.

Note that no major tweaking has been done with Photoshop, as Benjamin himself stated that “once set up properly, anyone can look absolutely phenomenal straight out of camera”.

To see more of Benjamin’s phenomenal work, take a look at his site

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Liz, full-time mom


Chris, 61-year-old, grandfather of 12


Alex, 23-year-old, graphic designer


Bonocore, 35-year-old, travel photograpger


Katherine, 30-year-old, business developer


Stephanie, 24-year-old, front office executive


Dumont, 27-year-old, computer programmer


Michael, 33-year-old, head of online advertising


Toni, 62-year-old, grandmother


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