Volunteers Found This Starving Kid Abandoned By Parents One Year Ago. Today, He Couldn’t Look More Different

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Children in Nigeria are labelled as “witches” by religious leaders as a way of getting money from their parents to perform an “exorcism”. As a result, parents of these children torture, kill, or abandon them. In January 2016, a little boy was rescued off the streets by Anja Ringgren Lovén, who works for Danish volunteer organization called DINNødhjælp. He was aptly named “Hope” and was housed, fed, and given so much love. Only one year later, he is on his way to begin going to school and couldn’t look more healthy. Isn’t just amazing how a consistent act of kindness can impact a life? Read more about Hope’s journey below. (h/t: boredpanda)

A year ago, Hope was malnourished and afflicted with stomach worms from a life of neglect and abuse

This iconic photo, taken a year ago, shows Anja Ringgren Lovén tipping a bottle to give him a sip of water

Hope was rescued from the streets and given a new lease in life.

A year later, they took the same photo, but now Hope looks like a totally different kid, healthy and on his way to school.

He was fed, groomed, and given the care every child deserves.

Now he wears a happy smile on his face

He is barely recognizable if you compare the photos from a year ago!

Hope now lives at the orphanage run by Danish organization DINNødhjælp

DINNødhjælp means “your relief” and is active in Nigeria

He has a loving home in which he is loved

Hope lives with other children who have been abandoned and labelled as “witches”

According to Anja, “All children have rights and those rights must be protected, always.”

And Hope is a great testament to that!