This looks like a normal Volkswagen Beetle, but when you look closer… WHOA!

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We love seeing people making the extraordinary out of the ordinary, and this is certainly the case of Momir Bojic, a retired 71 year-old man who made his old Volkswagen Beetle really a one of a kind car.

All he needed were 50,000 tiny pieces of oak wood and more than 2 years of work.
The final result will leave you speechless.

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This is how it looks like from quite a long distance, pretty normal, right?

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Are you starting to see something?

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This car is totally covered in wood, even inside! More than 50,000 little pieces of oak wood. Notice the funny detail of Momir’s hat…

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It took him over 2 years of hard work to complete his dream car…

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…that he loves to drive all around Europe, attracting more eyes than a Ferrari.

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Given the amount of heavy wood used this Beetle is probably slower than before, but he doesn’t seem to care.

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Take a look at the details, amazing work, really!

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I’ve never seen a rim like this one!

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Touch of class, even the logo has been carved out of wood.

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