Striking photo series of ultraviolet portraits reveals the beauty of imperfection

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Ultraviolet Beauties is a very particular photo series by American photographer Cara Pillips.

Cara put on a mobile set in the streets of New York and took free portraits of every person who agreed to be photographed.
All the flaws and imperfections that you see on the subjects’ faces in these pictures are highlighted by the use of ultraviolet light as light source.

Cara describe these works as “anti-portraits”, saying that “the aim of a portrait, in commercial and vernacular photography, is primarily to hide flaws—to present a two-dimensional ‘flawless’ version of the person. Even before Photoshop, photographers would hand paint negatives to enhance or improve the subject’s appearance. But [the function of these images] was to enhance and reveal flaws.”

We love to see artist thinking outside the box, and this photo series by Cara Phillips is really something we don’t see everyday.

Cara Phillips’ website:

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