Two Stray Dogs In Parking Lot Wag Their Tails At Everyone In The Hopes Of Being Adopted

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These two pups only had one thing left in life to keep them going; each other.

The scared and heartbroken pups were living all alone in a parking lot and were crying for someone to help them.

But though they begged and begged, nobody seemed to care.

That is, until a young woman named Destiny Vasquez took pity on them and set off a chain of events that would change their lives forever.

Jessica Marin

Destiny Vasquez was waiting in line at a drive-thru in Brownsville, Texas, when she spotted a lonely pup in the restaurant’s parking lot.

Vasquez was immediately overwhelmed by compassion for the pup and called her mother crying.

She felt so bad for the pup who seemed to be completely alone in the world.

Jessica Marin

Vasquez told her mother that she had to save the poor pup, and her mother, Jessica Marin, agreed.

Marin is a true dog-lover and has rescued several pups in need over the years.

She headed over the parking lot where she was surprised to find not one, but two little dogs.

Jessica Marin

When Marin spoke with one of the restaurant’s employees, she found out that the pups had been living together in the parking lot for weeks.

Marin could not believe that the poor pups had had to suffer for so long.

Vasquez had captured a heartbreaking video of one of the pups, and Marin snapped a few pictures of pair before sending the video and the photos to her contact Leslie Ysuhuaylas Hennings.

Jessica Marin

Leslie Ysuhuaylas Hennings uses social media to help animals in need.

She posted Vasquez’s video and Marin’s photos on Facebook and urged people to help them find a foster home.

“They literally begged to be taken, but they weren’t. They go up to every car that passes by in hopes to find a home,” Hennings wrote.

The Facebook plea soon reached Ana Teran, a volunteer for Animal Aid Brigade in Houston, who was devastated to hear about the poor dogs’ plight.

Teran immediately rented a car and drove all the way from Houston to Brownsville to collect the pups.

After spending some time gaining their trust, Marin managed to coax the pups into her car and was able to drive off and meet up with Teran.

Ana Teran

When the pups met Teran, they very happy and excited. They didn’t seem scared of her and were just excited to see what would happen next.

Teran was completely smitten by the sweet pair and gently loaded them into her car.

Ana Teran

After getting the pups safely onboard, Teran decided to make a few more stops and rescue some more dogs before heading back.

Nine pups later, Teran was ready to bring the whole gang back to Houston.

Leslie Ysuhuaylas Hennings

Back in Houston, Teran decided to become the parking-lot-pups’ new foster mom.

She named them Patty and Pepper, and the pair were thrilled to get to live with Teran.

The pups are sweet and affectionate and like to stick close to each other. They are clearly very bonded and love each other deeply.

Jessica Marin

Patty and Pepper are so happy that someone finally listened to their cries for help and helped them find a loving home.

They are very grateful to Teran, and enjoy every minute they get with her, but they are also excited to start the next chapter in their life; soon, the pair will be ready for adoption, and will finally get their very own forever family!

The sweet pair has received a lot of love and support online, and everyone is so happy that they’re finally safe.