Two brothers have been taking the annual photo with Santa for 34 years

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The story we tell you today is pretty singular: brothers Martin and Mike Fray have been taking their annual photo on Santa’s lap for 34 years in a row.

This tradition began in 1980, when the two were still babies. For the first four years Mike had his picture taken without Martin in the frame and they have always been portrayed together since 1984. It’s really fun to see them changing year after year, and it’s totally cute seeing that their babies joined  them in 2011.

We love that there’s still somebody tied to their family traditions and we wonder if they broke some kind of world record for taking the most number of photos with Santa.

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photo-santa-34-years-1980 photo-santa-34-years-1981
photo-santa-34-years-1982 photo-santa-34-years-1983
photo-santa-34-years-1984 photo-santa-34-years-1985
photo-santa-34-years-1986 photo-santa-34-years-1987
photo-santa-34-years-1988 photo-santa-34-years-1989
photo-santa-34-years-1990 photo-santa-34-years-1991
photo-santa-34-years-1992 photo-santa-34-years-1993 photo-santa-34-years-1994
photo-santa-34-years-1995 photo-santa-34-years-1996 photo-santa-34-years-1997
photo-santa-34-years-1998 photo-santa-34-years-1999 photo-santa-34-years-2000
photo-santa-34-years-2001 photo-santa-34-years-2002 photo-santa-34-years-2003
photo-santa-34-years-2004 photo-santa-34-years-2005 photo-santa-34-years-2006
photo-santa-34-years-2007 photo-santa-34-years-2008 photo-santa-34-years-2009
photo-santa-34-years-2010 photo-santa-34-years-2011 photo-santa-34-years-2012

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