Twitter User Points Out That Dog Paws Look Like Tiny Koalas And People Can’t Unsee It

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A Twitter user tweeting under the handle @41Strange has noticed something that makes dog paws even more precious than we previously thought.

The perceptive user pointed out that dog paws look like tiny koalas!

We can’t believe we’ve never noticed it before. The heel pad forms the koala’s head and ears, and the remaining pads form the koala’s little paws:

Twitter’s users can’t unseen this adorable revelation and many people have chimed in with picture’s of their own puppies’ koala-adorned feet.

Big or small, once the paws are flipped, koalas are sure to follow.

While some people were surprised by this discovery…

…others are just happy that they’re not the only ones who have noted the resemblance.

Everyone’s been having a lot of fun following the revelation. Some have even edited in koala faces to illustrate just how uncanny the resemblance is.

And some pointed out that it works with cat paws too!

Koalas, pups and kitties. Can it get any cuter?

It’s amazing how we seem to learn something new  – and find something new to love –  about our furry babies almost every day.