Turn Your Dog Into A Terrifying Werewolf With This Muzzle

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Turn your domesticated canine into a supernatural beast, no full moon necessary. This werewolf muzzle is sure to satisfy the sadistic whims of both you and your pet. He’ll happily pant through the plastic and nylon while silently horrifying strangers, thus expending none of the energy of barking while reaping all the rewards.

With the help of Google Translate and about 30 USD, you can purchase this mean muzzle from Russian distributor zveryatam.ru. Be cautious, however, you never know how people could react to the sight of a terrifying animal.

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Find more info here: alexeykurulev.
(h/t: boredpanda)

via: alexeykurulev
via: zveryatam.ru
via: alexeykurulev