Touching portraits of animals in captivity by Gaston Lacombe

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Gaston Lacombe is a Canadian photographer now based in Washington D.C. Specialized in travel and documentary photography, he features in his portfolio the series “Captive”, a set of photographs of animals portrayed in their captive environment. In these touching portraits the animals appear as prisoners, forced to live in a place they don’t belong.

Lacombe states that even in the very best of zoos you still find animals placed in horrible cement enclosures or little glass boxes, and even if many zoos try to ensure animals adequate treatment, in all of them there are still animals living in inappropriate and uncomfortable environments.

Gaston took these photos in zoos placed in nine different countries, but he never mentioned their names, as his intention is to draw attention to all the zoos and not to a specific one.
“I want this body of work to reach a certain level where it’s part of the discourse, but I harbor no illusions that my project can change the world,” he says. We sincerely hope that his work could help raise a conversation about the conditions of animals in captivity.

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