Tiny Stray Puppy Wags Her Tail At Every Passerby In The Hopes Of Being Adopted

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Lek Lek is a beautiful and compassionate pup who lives in Sri Lanka with her family.

She loves her pet-dad Tushara who makes sure that she’s happy and healthy and that she feels loved and safe.

But her life hasn’t always been this wonderful. A few years ago, Lek Lek was living on the cold streets of Nuwela Eliya and never knew where she would get her next meal from.

But despite all her hardship, Lek Lek had a bright and positive personality and her dedication to finding a forever family paid off in a beautiful way.


A few years ago, a group of elephant rescuers were walking through Nuwela Eliya in Sri Lanka when they spotted a stray pup.

The group were working for the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, and were visiting Sri Lanka to do some elephant research.

Elephant Nature Park is a haven for abused or otherwise suffering elephants and the rescue works hard to rescue and rehabilitate as many elephants as possible.

But this time, it wasn’t an elephant that needed saving.

The team was making their way down the street when they noticed a little stray pup who was eagerly waving her tail and trying to catch the eye of anyone and everyone who walked past her.


The stray was waving her little tail so vigorously that the group couldn’t resist stopping and giving her a pat.

Nobody else seemed to pay her any mind.


The group was in a hurry, and so they gave the pup one last pat and began to walk away.

But the stray wasn’t about to let them leave her behind.

She began following the Elephant Nature Park team and when they realised she wasn’t about to stop, they picked her up and brought her back to where they first found her.

But when they began walking again, the pup followed them once more.

They returned the eager pup several times until they realised that they did not actually have the heart to leave her alone on the streets.

Her eagerness and dedication were completely heart-melting and they decided to do their best to help her.


The team began asking people on the street if they could adopt and care for the sweet little dog, but everyone they asked declined.

Nobody seemed interested in the pup once they discovered that she was female.


But then, their luck finally changed.

The group’s driver, a man named Thushara, volunteered to take care of the pup.

The group was overjoyed that the sweet little girl who’d forced her way into their hearts with her wagging tail and insistent gaze would finally be safe and sound.

They named the pup “Lek Lek” and left her in Thusharas loving care.


Lek Lek was thrilled to finally have a home and a family and quickly grew to love her new daddy, Thushara.

Her hunt for a forever home was finally over, and she couldn’t be happier.

Then, after living with Thushara for three blissful years, Lek Lek received a very exciting visit.


One of the Elephant rescue team members, a woman named Lek, came to visit the sweet pup to see how she was doing after all these years.

And despite that Lek Lek hadn’t seen her rescuer in three years, she remembered Lek vividly.

Their beautiful reunion was captured on video and you can see love and joy radiate from both Lek and Lek Lek as they greet and cuddle each other.

We’re so happy for Lek Lek and we’re sure that she’s forever grateful to Lek and the other rescuers who brought her and her beloved pet-dad together.

Lek Lek’s beautiful story has gone viral online, and everyone is so happy for this good girl.