Tiny Paralyzed Kitten Gets His First Wheelchair And He’s So Happy He Can’t Stop Running Around

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Sometimes we need a little extra help in life. Max knows this all too well.

The adorable little kitten was born with malfunctioning back legs, and was abandoned by his mother soon after birth. It is believed that his mother knew that there was nothing she could do for him and feared that he would not survive long in this world. Her natural instinct was to leave him behind and focus on the kittens that had a chance of surviving.

But luckily for Max, the people at Massapequa Pet Vet work tirelessly to help ailing animals get a new shot at life. As a team of highly skilled veterinarians, they make sure that that the animals in their care get exactly the support they need, and they were happy to help little Max.

After being abandoned by his mother, Max managed to survive on his own for a while, but his time was running out fast. Then, a kind soul found him on the street and brought him to the skilled team at Massapequa Pet Vet. This would change his life forever.

The doctors quickly realized that something was wrong with his legs and decided to give him his very own kitty-wheelchair. Using his front legs, Max zoomed back and forth across the room. He was overjoyed. Suddenly, he wasn’t hindered by his malfunctioning back legs. He could run around like any other kitten.

Now, the vets help Max build his muscles and stimulate his nerves in order for him to get full use out of his new chair.

His exercise schedule includes aquatic exercises and pole climbing. By climbing the pole, jumping onto and from the pole, and practising hanging from the pole, Max is strengthening the muscles in his front legs, which is vital for him to be able to pull himself forward.

The aquatic exercises help Max relax his muscles and also allows him to train them without putting too much strain on them. The doctors also hope that his aquatic exercises might help him gain sensation in his back legs.

Regardless of whether Max ever gains any sensation in his back legs, his future looks bright thanks to the dedicated team of doctors. The wheelchair allows him to run around, play and explore, and he can even drag himself around without the wheelchair thanks to his strong front legs. Max couldn’t be happier.

Despite having such a difficult start in life, Max is now able to play and goof around like any other kitten. He’s got lots of toys to play with and also gets to play with other kittens his age. He runs around the clinic like the happiest little kitten in the world.

Max will continue to do his exercises, and whatever happens, he will get to grow up to live a rich and rewarding life.

Check out Max and his wheelchair in the video below: