This Lady Got Fed Up Of Mortgage, And What She Decided To Do About It Is Just Incredible!

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Macy Miller from Idaho realized what probably is a million people’s dream: she got rid of mortgage and got her dream house, all at once.
It may sound like a no-brainer, but getting to this happy ending was not all roses.

After going through a divorce and losing her home due to foreclosure as a result of the 2008 financial crisis, Macy decided to use $11,000 of one year rent to build a minihouse from scratch.
Being an architect herself Macy designed her house in every detail, and after 18 month of work she managed to move into her dream house.
Macy also set up a blog where she talks about her amazing experience:

This is the final result of Macy’s hard work. Pretty impressive, right?




She got everything she needed in this tiny and cozy house of 196 square feet.


Her monthly expenses went down from $1,200 to $400.


This house is mainly made of recycled and leftover materials.


Sure, being an architect herself she didn’t have to hire one, but look at what she created…


…In just 18 months!


And here she is, happy in her dream house.


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