Tiny Big-Eyed Kitten Rejected By His Mom Finds A New Family That Helps Him Thrive

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When Guinness was born, he was the smallest of all his littermates.

He was so tiny and weak that his mommy didn’t think he would survive, and so she rejected him.

But little Guinness was determined to survive, and with a little help, he was even able to thrive.


An animal rescuer from Florida, Beth Walden, volunteered to give Guinness the care he needed and help him grow strong and healthy.

When she first met him, she was shocked by his tiny size; he was three weeks old but looked as if he was a newborn.


Guinness fit in the palm of Walden’s hand, and he was in need of round-the-clock care.

But even though he was small and needy, he had a strong spirit and was ready to fight for his life.


But to do that, he desperately needed Walden’s help. And she was more than willing to give it to him.

Walden fed him formula one drop at a time, as he struggled to latch onto and suckle from a syringe, and did everything in her power to help him thrive.

She looked after the little kitten day and night and hoped with all her heart that he would be able to muster enough strength to grow and thrive.


Guinness was slowly going stronger and moving further away from the brink of death, but Walden was still very worried about the little cat.


Guinness had contracted a nasty eye infection that was so severe that she worried that his eyes were permanently damaged

But Guinness health kept improving, and soon it was clear that the little cat would pull through.


After some time, Guiness was strong enough to suckle formula from a syringe and the hungry little kitten drank and drank until his little belly was big and warm.


Guinness loved Walden with every fibre in his body and he loved to cuddle up Walden’s lap and take a nap every time he’d finished a meal.

Walden’s love for the tiny kitten just grew and grew and he could melt hear heart with just a look.


Even though Guinness was growing bigger and stronger, he was still very tiny for his age.

But there was nothing tiny about his gorgeous eyes.


After Guinness recovered from his eye infection, he dazzled Walden with his enormous eyes.

Compared to his tiny body, Guinness’s eyes looked impossibly deep and large, like two peaceful lakes.

When Guinness was healthy enough and old enough, Walden introduced him to her own kitty; Mr. Tiny-Pants.

The older cat quickly became Guinness’s number one hero, and Mr.Tiny-Pants has taken his responsibility as a role model very seriously.


He’s always looking after little Guinness and is teaching him all about how to be a cat.

Now, Guinness can do many “big cat” things, like using the litter box and eating solid food.


Guinness is still very small for his age, but his tiny body is filled with joy, energy and a zest for life.

He’s quite the little trickster and loves pranking his beloved family.

He also loves cuddling up to Walden and falling asleep while feeling loved and safe.

“He loves rubbing his face in fluffy blankets, ” Walden told Love Meow.


Guinness has come a far way from the ailing little newborn he once was, and he’s clearly destined to live a long, happy and adventurous life.

Online, the tiny cat with the huge eyes has won countless hearts.