This Table Makes People Work While Cats Play, And It’s Every Smart Working Cat Owner’s Dream

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Nowadays, a house pet is treated like a part of the family. Fortunately, for pet owners, many products are now available to cater to the unique needs of their furry family members.

One of the latest furniture creations for pets called the CATable is making the rounds online. The CATable is made of wood, and it is designed for both people and cats!

This furniture is designed by Ruan Hao from the architecture firm LYCS, which is based in Hong Kong and Hangzhou. The CATable features holes that are large enough for cats to fit in as well as passageways that are long enough for cats to discover.

Further, there are a lot of exciting paths for cats to explore their curiosity. This table can serve as a great work space for people and the best playground for cats. It’s the perfect touch to make a family’s house completely feel like a home for both pets and their owners.

Especially for those smart working cat owners that have troubles being productive with a cat sitting on their keyboard.

This intricately-designed wood table is designed for both cats and people.

Cats will have so much fun peeking through the numerous holes found in the CATable.

It’s the perfect spot for any pet, and it allows owners to work while their cat plays.

Cats will never get tired of discovering every hole and passageway in the CATable.

Aside from having a dual function, the CATable is also aesthetically pleasing and can fit in any home’s interior.

This unique table will help every cat explore their curiosity.

This furniture will absolutely be a fantastic addition to any pet owner’s home.