This Puppy Wasn’t Allowed Into A Dog Party Because She’s A ‘Bully Breed’

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They often say that prejudice is the child of ignorance. We hurt other people by jumping to conclusions when in reality, we really don’t know much about them. Prejudice is what makes human interaction awful, and sadly it somehow made its way to our beloved pets.
Pitbulls are a wonderful dog breed, but many see them as vicious creatures. That’s why when Ashley Yanez and her adorable nine-week-old Pitbull Blu went to a PetSmart in Houston, Texas, they weren’t allowed inside.

Blu even dressed up for the party at PetSmart, only to be left broken-hearted by the store’s misconceived perceptions.

A lot of Pitbull owners empathized with Ashley and didn’t hesitate to set the records straight for Pitbulls everywhere.

When PetSmart heard of what happened to Blu, they clarified that one employee’s misconstrued views does not represent that of the whole company.

Ashley said that Pitbull awareness is a conversation that’s long overdue. People need to understand that most of the time, perception isn’t reality. Even though popular belief describes them as a vicious breed, they’re still loving and playful dogs.

But until PetSmart reorients all of their employees to not exclude Pitbulls in their stores, Ashley and Blu will party over at PetCo.