This Gecko Just Got His Mini-Me And He Can’t Help But Smile At It

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We’ve featured many pets and animals stories here on Just Something, and we’re not gonna stop just yet, especially when we have cute posts like this one to share. This one is about a gecko named Kohaku. He’s not just any ordinary gecko, because apparently he is the happiest gecko ever. His source of joy you ask? Well that certainly is his toy gecko, whose company he dearly loves. As ironic as it may seem, you’ll never imagine how adorable they look together. Take a look at Kohaku’s priceless and contagious smile as he bonds with his mini-me in the photos below. Also, if you want to know more about Kohaku don’t forget to drop by his Instagram page.

Meet Kohaku, the happiest gecko on earth.

His source of joy is his toy gecko.

Together they took the internet by storm. Thanks to @taylorndean for this tweet.

These two are undoubtedly the best of friends.

Like all other BFFs out there, it looks like they love to pose for pictures.

And they are pros at the photobomb game.

Aside from that, they also are fond of cuddling.

They are just inseparable.

We bet nobody would dare to disagree.

They’ll never fail to put a smile on your face.

Just look at Kohaku’s wink.

Have a great day with this Kohaku’s smile.