This Dog Was Abandoned In A Grocery Store Parking Lot, And Has Now Become A Proud K9 Officer

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Pit Bulls have the reputation of being vicious and difficult to train. However, one mighty Pit Bull has been challenging all of those stereotypes. A K9 training program in New York had its first Pit Bull officer. Kiah became the first ever Pit Bull to graduate as a K9 officer in the state of New York. She is now part of a team which patrols the streets. Kiah was trained in narcotics sniffing.
What makes Kiah’s story even more interesting and inspiring is the fact that she used to be a stray dog. She was found in a parking lot and got rescued. She trained and graduated with Officer Justin Bruzgul, and they’re now a team and help keeping the street of Poughkeepsie safe. According to trainer Brad Croft, as long as the Pit Bull has concentration skills, confidence, and is curious enough, it’s possible to train the dog to be a K9 officer.

Look at Kiah, standing proud and proving everyone that Pit Bulls can be great K9 officers, too, you wouldn’t tell she had been a stray in the past.

Kiah had been abandoned in the parking lot of a grocery store, and after being saved, she trained with Officer Justin Bruzgul in Texas to become a K9 officer.

Kiah looks cute and gentle, but still, confident enough to be a K9 officer.

She is definitely a great addition to the team.

K9 officers go through a tough training process.

Kiah looks so serious and proud in a K9 uniform.