Dad has been tattooing his son’s doodles on his own arms for 7 years. The results are just amazing

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Nowadays parents are used to capture the childhood of their sons day after day, collecting precious memories that will remain imprinted on paper or hard disks for life.
Keith Anderson is a creative Canadian dad who found an alternative way to keep track of his son Kai’s childhood: once a year he turns one of his son’s drawings into a beautiful tattoo.
Anderson has been doing this for 7 years now and during an interview with photographer Chance Faulkner he explained more about his beautiful project.

He started tattooing his son’s doodles on his own arms when the kid was just 4 years old, and by then he added one tattoo to his right arm every year. Recently he even allowed his Kai to complete part of a tattoo, and the kid obviously loved it.
During the interview Anderson said he plans to continue this project until Kai doesn’t want to do it anymore.
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